The Muse of Richard long: Part II Actaeon

Here are some pages from part II, Actaeon of The Muse of Richard Long. A lot of the inspiration for this issue came from the art of

David Mack

who created Kabuki. I love how he breaks up the space in his pages. 

I also started playing with some color... bloody red. In this issue there is more contrast: a lot more blacks and grey washes that give more dimension in my opinion. I got braver with it I think... just like Richard got braver in the story:) Email me if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the 2nd/1st/both issues.

Both issues of The Muse of Richard Long are available for sale on Comixpress

. There's a way to purchase a copy directly through me by contacting me but I have about 10-20 copies left from the batch.